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Hi, everyone! I’m proud to say I’ll be taking part in Take A Hike Toowoomba this year. Why? Because this event is all about supporting children with autism to make friends, become independent, learn and grow.

This is really important to me because…

You can help too. Please donate and help children with autism. Every dollar makes a difference. Each donation is a gift, no matter the value, and it means a lot to kids with autism.

My Updates

07 Mar 2023

We have another 5 days till the AEIOU Take A Hike Toowoomba Fun Run for 2023! Please keep the donations coming in to ensure that children with autism can continuously learn. Remember, autism is not a disability, it is just a different ability.
Thank you to 3 anonymous supporters who have totally donated $150! Combined, this can allow the AEIOU Foundation to purchase playing equipments, books and play toys which autistic children can use to help them learn easier! 5 days to go - keep it going!

02 Feb 2023

Hello everyone, my name is Artharsh Gajaharan from Year 9 Toowoomba Grammar Mackintosh House 2023 and I am taking part in the AEIOU FunRun to support children with autism.
Please donate in order to support these individuals.
Thank you.

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