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Take a Hike

About Take A Hike

Take A Hike is AEIOU Foundation's signature fundraising event. Participating in this event helps to create awareness of autism, the importance of AEIOU's early intervention program and raise vital funds to change the lives of children with autism.

BREAKING NEWS: AEIOU 2022 - dates coming soon 

Support from the community helps us change lives!

Take a look at our events portfolio and see what sparks your interest. Help AEIOU continue to create a lifetime of opportunities for children with autism.

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Hundreds of children aged 2 - 6 years attend AEIOU centres each year. The service provided by AEIOU offers these children the opportunity to gain vital independence and achieve their full potential. Your fantastic fundraising efforts help us take one step closer to reaching our goal of providing early intervention to every Australian child with autism. So, sign up to change the lives of children with autism, and their families. Together, we can create a lifetime of opportunities!

Celebrate with a BBQ at the finish line to acknowledge your amazing achievements and most importantly, take pride in knowing that you have helped create brighter futures for children with autism.

So, dust off those trainers, start taking the stairs, and prepare to get your feet on the street to support children with autism. Tell your friends, create a team, have some fun and ask people to donate to your hero page. Who can raise the most in your team?