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Frequently Asked Questions

Does all of my donation go to AEIOU?

The platform we use for our fundraising events does not have any fees or charges applied (other than normal credit card transaction fees) so every cent of your donation goes to AEIOU.

How does my donation help?

AEIOU is an NDIS approved service provider. As such, the cost of therapy is covered under NDIS. But our centres require extensive resource to provide the supports to deliver the AEIOU service to our children and their families. Fundraising events help pay for these resources that are used each and every day by our wonderful little people.

Why do you need my mobile number?

Your safety and welfare is of the utmost importance to us. Having access to your mobile allows us to contact you should we need to regarding the event you are participating in.

Why next of kin details?

Some of the events run by AEIOU do have elements of risk but these risks are mitigated by an extremely experienced external team who ensure that all precautions have been taken to ensure your safety. Having a contact for your next of kin means we can contact them immediately should an emergency situation occur of which they need to be notified.

Do you offer refunds?

Once you have paid your registration fee, we cannot offer refunds if you cannot attend (other than injury). You can however transfer your registration to another person. You just need to notify us and we will amend the registration details. If you have to withdraw due to medical reasons, a refund will be given as long as you have provided us with a medical certificate stating you cannot take part in the event. There are no refunds given for tickets to Galas, Trivia nights or Movie nights but these tickets are transferable.

What if I need help with my fundraising?

That’s an easy one. Just pick up the phone or drop us an email at events@aeiou.org.au and we are more than willing to help with anything you need. Every idea is a good idea and we have heard them all. Let us help you put your idea into action.

What if I have lost a child or loved one?

If you are concerned about a lost child or loved one, please alert an AEIOU staff member immediately for assistance.

What if I feel unwell?

Please alert a medic immediately who will provide the appropriate treatment.

What if the weather is bad on event day?

If we feel that the weather conditions could be dangerous for our participants, (ie extreme storm and dangerous lightening) we will cancel the event. Unfortunately we will not be able to offer refunds if the event is cancelled due to inclement weather given the costs of putting the event together. In most instances, the event will go ahead. If we are forced to cancel an event, we will notify participants via the email address they provided when they registered.