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My daughter, Novella, was diagnosed with high functioning autism on her 3rd birthday. She has always been a bright and bubbly kid, who happened to have some challenges with how she communicates and engages with others. We were blessed to have started speech and behavioural therapy before she turned 2 but the intensity of this wasn't enough to prepare her for school.

The AEIOU Foundation, has a simple, yet sincere goal, to provide life-changing early intervention. AEIOU provides high-quality therapy and care which supports children with autism to develop essential life skills, independence, confidence and inclusion.

Since starting with AEIOU this year we've seen consistent progress in Novella from their full time program. However funding for these programs is limited, AEIOU needs your help.

Every donation will directly help the development of the children in the program, providing the equipment, therapy, and support they need. Your generosity makes a real life-changing difference to the lives of children like Novella to prepare them for 'big' school and beyond.

If you're in a position to donate, even just the price of a takeaway coffee, that will make a difference.

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AEIOU is a registered charity, all donations are tax deductible.

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26 Mar 2019

We've hit $1K! Thank you all for the donations to support AEIOU's work.

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